How to measure SEO impact?

Every company today is using SEO in order create their own identity in the internet world. SEO is arguably the best way to expand your business and make an impression online. The trend today is to make use of SEO in all industries and businesses. How sure are we about the success of SEO? No one is actually sure if the SEO is actually working for them. Only few businesses review the success of SEO.

Here is how SEO services in Chandigarh can review the impact that the SEO has made on your business–

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Keywords ranking –

More keywords ranking denotes more traffic. If the keywords that you have used are ranked high, you can be sure that you are getting good traffic for your content. Keywords play a major role in attracting traffic to your website.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the control system that identify what is working in your SEO and what is not. It gives warnings when something is not working and early warnings can save you from dangers.

It is difficult to measure the results of SEO and digital marketing campaigns. There is huge amount of data. At such times tools like Google Analytics can be helpful. Customized tools with specific objectives of the business can be very handy. Studying the impact on organic traffic, relevance of traffic and prospective sales through traffic are some of the major aspects of customized tools. Knowing the real-world output of the campaigns is also useful.

Referral traffic –

A steady SEO campaign will affect your business more than driving extra organic traffic. Referral traffic can convert better than organic search traffic. You can calculate the Percentage increase in referral traffic, increase in referral conversions and increase in engagement metrics.

Brand impact –

Better search visibility results in better overall visibility. Look into the increase in branded search traffic and also the brand mentions. Relate this to your SEO campaign and know how it has been useful.  Calculate the increase in branded search traffic and brand mentions.

Email Traffic Changes –

Email traffic will let you know why direct or branded search traffic has changed. If there is more than 20% increase in email traffic than the last week, be alert and know the reasons.

Mobile device use –

With the increase in mobile search users, it has become a bigger challenge to measure success of SEO programs. If you set up monthly automated email in analytics, you can compare mobile device usage every month.

Manual Actions –

The best feature in Google Webmaster Tools is the Manual Actions tool. This tool will let you know if Google took a manual action on your site. Set your email in GWT to receive the email alert of any action taken on your site.

The only reason that you must measure the success of your SEO success is to improve it in helping your business. SEO in Chandigarh can be measured according to the above concepts and you can get a better SEO campaign to improve visibility online. This will bring a drastic positive change in your business.

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