Are You Planning To Propose? Here Are The Coolest Ideas

geeky engagement rings online

There is a rising trend of using geeky engagement rings to pop the all-important life question. So, you’ve finally gotten the love of your life, probably some geek like you. Well, congratulations. You are now ready to pop the amazing question that will alter both your lives forever. How exactly do you go about that? Well, it’s time to plan.

The marriage proposal moment is among the most special in anybody’s life. You have to be careful to make it memorable. This article offers a couple of ideas and suggestions to help you out.

Show your loved one that you care

Take your partner to her most favoured bar or restaurant in town, or take her to the location where you initially met her. Let her understand that you still remember all the minute details of your relationship and also how thankful and happy you happen to be to have her in your life.

Take advantage of your area’s weather

Take a walk together in the night/evening when it’s raining and you should then go on to propose right there on the footpath or pavement. Let her understand that she is the only one who matters the most and nothing else. No sane lady will be capable of resisting any proposal that is this romantic.

Try something that is geeky

Both of you are probably geeks. Or you might just like the geek idea. You can get several varying geeky engagement rings online to use in this instance. Create an amazing jigsaw puzzle using a beautiful picture of both of you. After it’s completed, use the ring! Pop the question.

Go on a trip

Take out some time from both of your busy schedules and go skiing, bicycling, hiking, boating, cruising, or just take an exciting trip into the countryside in your car. Choose a waterfall or beach, a monument or cliff as the backdrop to use in adding irresistible appeal and drama to the proposal. You will both remember this quality time spent together throughout your lives.

You can charter a yacht for only both of you. Get on your knees and ask the all-important question while watching the sunset together. That’s when there’s nothing else around except the waves and sunlight’s fading hue.

Go creative

  • Type or write the magic question in fancy fonts and place your message in a bottle. Let her be spellbound when she discovers it.
  • Create a banner with the magic question on it. Hang it at your home’s front porch, living room, or the driveway when you happen to be expecting her.
  • If you live together, use lipstick to write it on the bathroom mirror with two checkboxes for ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
  • If you own a pet, tie a ribbon featuring the ring and the question around its neck.

The main keys to a truly successful marriage proposal are; originating an amazing memory, the element of surprise, thoughtfulness, and honesty. Using your ring even if it’s a geeky engagement ring to ask for her hand in marriage is among the critical actions of your entire life.

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