Choose the Best Flavour for Your Birthday Cake

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Birthdays are one among the very special occasions in our life where we are treated no less than a celebrity. You get to have all the sweet treats you want. People around you make you feel special with their lovely gifts and presents. We all wait for a whole year in order to enjoy the fruits of being born. Another major attraction that makes birthdays really special is the birthday cake.

It is true that we all have a favourite flavour in birthday cakes. But, with each birthday every year, it is only fair to experiment with the flavours of your birthday cake. For a moment, just keep your favourites aside and go through the different options you actually have in the birthday cake. We are going to list of the top flavours that people choose for their birthday cakes worldwide. Make sure you consider these options the next time you opt for online cake delivery in Jaipur.


Chocolate cakes are quite popular among people and are the number one choice for many. If you are going for dark chocolate, you can stay assured that it is also very healthy. If you want to grab all your guests’ attention, getting a truffle chocolate cake will do the trick. You can also prepare it very easily at home.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet can be seen as a very new flavour that has gained popularity in the market. It’s rich flavour along with the dark hue makes people fall for it. They are also the reason why a red velvet cake is so delicious and unique. The cake has a perfect combination of chocolate and vanilla flavours. The moment you have a bit, you are bound to fall in love with it. Pair every piece of cake with some cream cheese frosting and you are good to go.

Pink Champagne

This is another flavour you might want to experiment with. While preparation this cake, instead of water the chef uses champagne. Pink colour of the cake comes from food colouring. It is a great option that people must consider when looking for a unique flavour in the market. It is surely something your guests will be taking about throughout the party.


Getting a lemon cake can be quite a different move from the mainstream as it has a tangy taste. It is definitely a flavour for the summer season. If you have your birthday during the summer, you should definitely check out this out for some fun. One of the best reasons why people prefer buying lemon cakes is because they aren’t very rich for your palette. This way you and your guests will be able to enjoy every other dish present in the birthday party. So don’t think twice before clicking the option for online food order, Jaipur.

White Chocolate and Raspberry

Getting a birthday cake made of white chocolate with a fruity flavour is just awesome. Raspberries and white chocolate are considered to be the best combination for a birthday cake. You can ask for personalised cakes in the online market.

If your birthday is knocking the door, it is time you consider these flavours to begin your year with a bang.

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