Complete Guide to Designing Your Headstone

No words of consolation have the power to heal the wounds of the loss of a loved one. Like every other mortal thing, your loved one is also to be separated from you one day. However, the only things that remain with you forever are the memories of the deceased person. A lovely memorial in the cemetery where your loved one’s mortal remains have been cremated or buried can serve as the lasting tribute from you to the departed soul. Moreover, if you are willing to have a rock solid memorial for your deceased loved one that will last for ages, then designing your headstone as per your suggestions and ideas can serve your cause prodigiously.

Once you are over with the memorial services, it is time to choose the design or template for the headstone that needs to be placed at the cremation or burial site. Among quality yet inexpensive headstones, granite is massive applauded all across the world. The appreciation of granite memorials is mainly due to the strength of granite giving the memorial longevity to a structure. Memorials not only come in great color variations but also have an astonishing shining on their surface that gives a mystical effect with the sun shining on its surface. The name and memories of the deceased loved one can be engraved conveniently and elegantly on the shining surface of these headstones.

How Can You Modify a Granite Headstone?

Designing your headstone and modifying it is all about personal aspects and creativity that can create an everlasting effect on your loved one’s memorial. Still, headstone designing is an entirely different concept. Apart from engraving your imaginations, you need to instill the memories and inspirational traits of your departed person on the design so that your precious moments spent with the person can become immortal on granite. The inspirational instills you want to instill on granite memorial must reflect the personality and life of the deceased person. Being intimate with the deceased person, you have witnessed his traits from a perspective unique to others. Ensure that you carved things that are the right reflector of his/her personality and things that can tell the world what the person was all about.

Apart from person’s character, you can concentrate on hobbies and profession of the individual in the design. It is quite considerate to carve out the activities of the deceased person at the time of his living. For instance, a large motif can be very elegant on granite memorial if the individual was an actor; or granite memorial can be given a colorful appearance by the use of palette or paint brush if the person loved to play with colors. Granite enables you to modify the memorial in an aspect that can serve best for your memories. You can choose all the different color combinations and templates to give an everlasting touch to your memories with the deceased person.

Although flowers are widely used in memorial services, selection of appropriate flowers for designing your headstone is a compulsion. You have to be considerate about the color implications of flowers that you are willing to use with granite memorial design. People from diverse communities are liable to use the symbols that represent their sentiments and faiths on memorials. For instance, a “cross” symbol engraved on the headstone is the indication that the deceased person was a Christian.

Designing and modifying is all about personal aspects and creativity that can create an everlasting effect on your loved one’s memorial. Check the price of headstones before you decide to design one on your own.

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