Everything wedding guests need to know about choosing a wedding bag

Choosing the right dress for a special occasion can be a joy, but it can also become very stressful and even overwhelming. There are so many different styles, occasions, levels of formality, seasons to consider, that it can be helpful to have some guidance. Read on for our top tips.

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There are some unwritten rules about wedding guest dresses, like don’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride, and many of them transfer across to accessories too. The most important is that guests must respect those getting married first and foremost – it’s their special day after all.


Check where the wedding is taking place, as especially with religious ceremonies, there might be rules or dress codes.

wedding bag

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Once wedding season is in full swing, it can be expensive to buy a new outfit for each occasion. Think creatively about how you can style an outfit several ways, for example injecting personality and a point of difference through your bag.

Bags of style

Choose a relatively small bag – you don’t need to be carrying lots around – and a clutch bag will help with that, and add a smart, polished finish. If you’ll be carrying it for a long time, you might opt for a small handle to go around your wrist or even a detachable strap to make it easier to carry. A smaller bag might discourage you from taking things you don’t need!

Consider the time of the wedding, and whether you’ll be there all day and into the evening; a big dose of sparkle and sequins are a little over the top for the day time.

There are lots of beautiful wedding guest dresses available on the market, from specialist retailers like AX Paris https://www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses so take your time and enjoy browsing. Once you have the dress right, it can help steer you towards the right accessories; jewellery, shoes, and of course, bags.

For more suggestions about how to choose the right bag to take to a wedding, see the suggestions from Live About.

Of course, if the wedding venue is at the same place you’ll be staying, you might want to change bags, or even the whole outfit, in between the ceremony and the reception, so you could go all out with the sequins after all!

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