Get a Standing Desk Today – 3 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using These Amazing Desks

Are you working in a typical office where you sit in front of your computer for prolonged hours? If the answer is yes, then let me warn you about something. Sitting for long periods of time can significant damage your health. Many other major health issues may crop up stemming from your sitting habits. Therefore, don’t keep sitting for hours in front of your computer; take a few breaks after you complete a task and go for a walk. However, if you cannot take multiple breaks all throughout the day, then your solution may be to purchase a desk that will help you sit or stand comfortably while you work.
Standing desks has become really popular around the world. These desks are not just popular for reducing the risk of obesity, but also for providing a wide variety of other health benefits. Here are a few of the health benefits that have been found through research over time:
Reduces Cancer Risk
We all are pretty much aware of the fact that currently, colon and breast cancer are the most common types of major diseases that are affecting a lot of people, especially women. According to a study in 2011, these two kinds of cancer may be caused due to prolonged sitting. These days, doctors are claiming that sitting for too long may lead to endometrial, ovarian, lung and prostate cancer. Try to avoid sitting and looking at your computer screen in the same position for a long period of time. Instead, purchase a sit-stand desk that will let you stand or sit while you work.
Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
The notion, ‘standing keeps your heart healthy’ was first proposed in the year 1953. And to date, the majority of doctors and scientists believe this notion as well. In fact, there are a few eminent doctors and scientists who have claimed that even an hour of exercise won’t be enough to make up for the negative effects of sitting in the office for hours. This is one of the main reasons why most of the well-known companies have replaced the traditional desk and tables with standing desks for their employees.
Decreases High Blood Sugar Level
Currently, you may not be suffering from high blood sugar. But, according to a few reliable and renowned doctors, your blood sugar level may increase if you keep sitting for hours, especially after lunch. It was shown that if you stand for 180 minutes after lunch then you may reduce blood sugar spikes by at least 43%, which is really great and healthy. That’s why most people are opting for standing desks.
Helps Improve Posture
Usually, when a person is sitting and working on his/her computer, he/she will have a tendency of hunching over or slouching, especially while typing on the keyboard. As a result, he or she will develop lower back pain. However, the simple act of standing can help improve core strength, which results in overall better posture. If you have been sitting and working for prolonged hours in your office, consider standing and working so that you don’t start developing lower back problems. Definitely consider purchasing a sit to stand desk.
Helps to Prevent Bad Tempers and Mood Swings
Do you suffer from mood swings? If yes, then the reason behind might be exasperated from prolonged sitting. Surprised? Well, I was astonished as well when I first read an article regarding this. However, it has been found from scientific studies that people who sit in one place for long periods of time often suffer from bad mood and temper. Therefore, if you don’t want to spoil your moods often during work, then make sure you stand and work by replacing your traditional desk with a standing table or desk riser.
Now you know about the benefits of a standing desk, so what are you waiting for? Find one online and purchase one for yourself today!

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