How much does your diamond weigh?

diamond weigh

Its probably not that important to you should anyone ask but diamonds are measured in their weight. Being special things diamonds have their own category of weight just like gold and sliver do. The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. Now, you’ve probably heard that before in relation to gold, “its nine karats gold”, or something along those lines. Same word you’ll note but the difference is in the spelling c and not k. That’s how you can tell the difference. So, when you’re thinking of buying a Diamond Ring it’s a good idea to see how many carats it is and this website can show you how.

Its pretty clear to say that the diamonds that you have in your earrings and ring are not going to be many carats. In fact, they will probably only be about 1 or 2. Pendants are a bit more but only up to 3 or possibly 4. To be honest if you start wearing diamonds of any more than 10 carats you might want to start looking into security and insurance. Don’t feel too bad about the low carat score its not that important only to the diamond experts. They will get all excited about carats because they know it means they can get lots of little carats out of it. It’s a lot easier to break a diamond up into smaller ones to sell rather than wait around for some oligarch to get a few hundreds of thousands or even a million pounds out.

For example, the Star of Africa, which you can see a copy of one of its cuts in the Natural History Museum (they keep the original locked away) came in at 530 carats. Now that’s a whopper. That’s 530 diamonds that can be made out of it. That is heavy. There is no way that you’re getting that on to your finger or into a necklace. It was cut up into smaller bits and one also sits in the sceptre the Queen holds at the opening of parliament. All told the diamonds off cuts are worth millions.

diamond weigh
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Did I say earlier that is a lot easier to break a diamond up and sell off smaller ones made from it? It’s not that easy. This is why a ring can be so pricey. Cutting a diamond is a very difficult thing to do as the diamond is the hardest substance known to us. The only way to cut a diamond is with a diamond saw, a saw literally made of other diamonds or smashing two diamonds against each other at high speed as seen above. Neither of these ways make for a very smooth diamond so they now use very powerful lasers. Much neater.

So now you know. You may not have many carats but the effort that has gone into it to get you them is all worth it.

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