Andrea Pirlo Retires at the Age of 38

Andrea Pirlo has announced he is officially retired from football at 38 years old. The Juventus, Italy, and Milan star had a successful career playing in a midfield position.
Pirlo’s Career
In 2006, Pirlo won the World Cup alongside his Italian teammates. He decided his long career would come to an end after his current team, New York City FC, were eliminated from the MLS playoffs. Pirlo tweeted his thanks to fans and New York City FC supporters. He commented on his journey as a football player and also thanked his teammates and the coaches.
Pirlo’s long career began at Brescia, and he joined Inter in 1998. After failing to receive a regular starting place, he moved to Milan in 2001. He had a successful career at Milan, winning two Serie A titles and the Champions League twice. He played in 400 games.
In 2011, Pirlo surprised fans by moving to Juventus. He was instrumental in winning four league titles and played for his team in the 2015 Champions League final. He was known as a gifted player and his style was considered elegant.
In 2015, Pirlo followed in the footsteps of many footballers and joined a prominent US soccer team. He announced he would play one season and retire shortly after. It was rumoured he’d join the team of coaches at Chels.
The Love Of Soccer
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Pirlo’s long career came from dedication to his sport and a lot of perseverance. He showed young fans a genuine love for the game and became one of the most famous players in soccer. The many titles he contributed to winning and the high-profile teams he played for mean he’ll be remembered as a key player for years to come. While it’s not confirmed that he’ll move into coaching, a lot of young and talented soccer players will be hoping he does make the transition.

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