Race Track vs. Street Circuit: The Challenges

Race Track vs. Street Circuit: The Challenges

Formula 1 racing consists of many different tracks. In the main they fall into three categories: race track, street circuit and hybrid. Hybrid tracks simply feature a combination of elements from race tracks and street circuits. But what are the main differences between the two types of course and what challenges do they provide for drivers?

Race Track vs. Street Circuit

The main difference is that a race track is a permanent fixture, while a street circuit is set up around the roads of a city specifically for the event and is deconstructed again afterwards. Formula 1 provides more details of each of the courses.

Street circuits provide a much greater challenge for drivers, as there is little room for error. Barriers are set close to the edge of the roads with little or no run-off area, and so a crash can be far more dangerous.

Visibility is also far more limited on a street circuit, as they don’t benefit from the wide-open expanses of some race tracks. Corners tend to be tighter, and high barriers often mean that a driver can only see as far as the next corner with no knowledge of what might be lying around it.

Valencia Street Circuit

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Overtaking is more difficult on a street circuit too. While race tracks are designed with long straight stretches to facilitate overtaking, street circuits aren’t, and so there are few safe opportunities to do so.

While a race track has a variety of corners specifically designed into it, corners can be a little more hazardous on a street circuit as they can tend to come in quick succession.

Watching the Action Live

Although most F1 races are televised nowadays, there is still nothing better than seeing the action live, and a visit to the likes of the Ermanno Palace at Monaco allows you to experience VIP treatment and get up close to the start line and first corner. Companies such as https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/monaco/3rd-floor-ermanno-palace/ provide inclusive packages.

The Monaco race is a street circuit which has very few areas for run-off and lots of barriers, and it takes a huge amount of skill to drive it. The circuit consists of 78 laps, and it is one of the races that most F1 drivers would love to win as it’s probably the most complex to drive.

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