Latest version of Oracle products

Oracle is the high-tech company with the essential hardware and software components that can deliver the infrastructure of an organisation. To have a better performance with less disk stack, Oracle applications are well tuned and integrated. Oracle is the ideal for the group from the server to storage facilities, to automation and manual testing. Oracle is a fantastic platform which helps the user to identify the risk of business optimisation. Oracle product such as Oracle Exalogic, Sparc Supercluster and Oracle EXdata Database provide you with the superior scalability.

  • Oracle Database :

Many software companies and business organisation make use of the Oracle database. When it comes to enhancing the system utilisation, Oracle is an ideal for you. It helps the user to improve the performance of the organisation such as scalability, manageability and utility.

  • Operating system

Oracle provide Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris, which is ideal for optimising x86 servers and SPARC. Oracle Solaris is the latest version which offers advanced built-in features that can deliver the efficient system with high availability and advanced security. Some of the popular Oracle software including Oracle Linux, Supercluster, Oracle Exalogic Elastic cloud etc. oracle Linux offers the variety of features such as DTrace, Linux container and much more. If you need to enable updates of the Linux kernel, then you can use the ksplice feature.  This innovative feature will provide you zero downtime patching, which allowing critical updates to Linux kernel when it is running in the background.

  • Oracle Exdata:

It is specially designed to provide the high-end performance and built-in features such as smart flash cache, quick scan and so on. Moreover, oracle EXdata can be used for an online transaction, data warehousing and column compression. When you want to consolidate the database into one system, Oracle EXdata is an ideal for you. There are lot of reliable services that provides Oracle development license

  • Oracle SPARC supercluster- Oracle Sparc Supercluster allows the user to consolidate a broad spectrum of enterprise applications.
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic cloud – It is specially designed for the application servers. It contains storage and computes nodes that can be used for networking and middleware applications.

Oracle NAS
Oracle NAS is a web – based storage system, which provides efficient NAS- based Oracle database. It delivers expected performance for a dynamic and mixed environment.  It helps to improve the capacity and independent scalability of the applications. It can be applied to the multi-storage tiers that are integrated with a single core. Oracle provides a variety of innovative management technologies that allows the database to store the core data without fail.
Multithreaded system
Oracle Infrastructure can provide maximum scalability via the multi-core servers. Oracle is a multithreaded system that makes use of the middleware and multithreaded operating system. Once you got database licensing Oracle, you will get all the benefits of Oracle system
Oracle RAC
By using the Oracle RAC, you can run any custom applications through the set of clustered servers.  You can add more groups to the server when processing power is required.

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