Smart Manikins | The Future Of Retail Marketing

What is visual merchandising & its importance?
Visual merchandising is the best and the most effective retail marketing strategy. With use of different display products especially mannequins, fashion outlets and designers can easily portray or present their merchandise to buyers in a very pleasing and persuading manner. These fashion dummies are the most crucial part of any window display. With loads of artistic features and very close resemblance to human body these dolls are often referred to as human replicas.
A Brief History:
Apart from just window displays mannequins were also used in many other fields of life as well. We have seen many smart manikins equipped with different digital parts in medical field. But now technology is playing its part in retail mannequin models as well. The history of these dummies started with simple and sturdy wooden models back in 18th century. In different times these pose able sculptures were made with different materials such as wood or papier mache, wax, foam, now a day’s they are mostly made with two material which are polystyrene and fiberglass. Both of these materials have pros and cons of their own but both of these give a very realistic and lifelike look to these human replicas.
How It Works:
A UK based adjustable mannequin manufacturing giant has launched a new line of smart manikins and claiming them to be alive. They say they have been working since 1951 to bring these human replicas to life. Bringing a doll to life means it can communicate with humans through some interface. With tons of hard work and effort they have brought them to a digital age and made able to communicate with humans. This has been possible by combining two technologies together which are Bluetooth and a smart phone. It works with the combination of Bluetooth enabled mannequin and a smart phone app. The app is name Iconeme app, when a person who has installed this app on his smart phone passes by a stores window display near the beacon enabled dummy, it can send push notification on the smart phone of the passerby. Once the passerby opens up the alert he or she can view all the uploaded information by the store. They can also shop online from directly from the company’s website. The user of the app can have a closer and deeper look at the merchandise of the store. You can also save the alerts for later use. The app users also have facility to share it with their friends and family through social media. The app enables it users to have a deeper look at a particular product, as they can view photographs from different angles. The app is available for both android and iPhone users.
The Bluetooth technology used by smart dolls in name beacon, it is installed directly into a selected model. It can then send the information to the buyers which have been programmed by the store owner.  Information can be easily programmed with the use of a simple and secure web application. A retailer can choose what information he wants to make available for customers. This technology also enables stores and outlets in studying about the effectiveness of their retail methodologies. They can easily track down which product is viewed and shared more by the users.
The technology is getting fame day by day, many big fashion brands have already started to use this technology. Brands like Bentall’s and House of Fraiser have already started to use this technology. According to the vendors of this technology it’s getting very popular among retailers. Their smart mannequins for sale are bit heavy in cost but still the demand is increasing rapidly. The next step towards smart dolls is making smart mannequin heads for sale.

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