The Android Box 101 – Everything You Need to Know

From regular cable to satellite, VHS to CD to digital, access to entertainment continues to evolve. Homeowners continue to search for new ways to set up their entertainment systems, motivating companies to continue developing innovative tools. One of the most recent and most popular software tool that homeowners enjoy is the Android box. This article will introduce what this device is and the entertainment benefits it provides.

What is an Android Box

Since Google’s Android TV emerged in 2014, Android Boxes have become a new favourite for many people looking to streamline movies, TV shows and more. According to CBC, this technology uses an Android operating system that can be used by vendors to load specialized software.

1) Versatility

Android boxes enable users to do a wide variety of interactions. For instance, a common reason why they are so popular is they have the ability to download apps from other platforms such as Google Play. In addition, they’re a host to a variety of streamlines for TV shows and movies. In an article written by CBC writer, Sophia Harris, Android apps contain huge content libraries. These virtual shelves of data are also consolidated so the user can search for their favourite TV shows with ease.

2)  HD Video

The amount of media available to a user is unlimited and these boxes enable your TV to play Full HD videos (also referred to as high-definition). HD is characterized as having a vertical resolution of 1080p and a horizontal resolution of 1,920p. The ‘p’ following these figures stands for ‘pixels’. Some homeowners may feel that the quality of their media may decrease using streamlined content. Although the TV Shows and movies depend on links provided by people worldwide, android boxes have been known to offer a wide selection of quality links.

3) Good Investment

The cost of an android box is very reasonable considering the benefits you receive. The cost of an android box, as reported by CBC, ranges from $100 to $200. RTC Electronics offers the BuzzTV XPL3000 for as low as $129.99. Which based on the average price is on a lower end scale. The investment of an android box is one way to offset other bills you may be incurring for video streaming. However, keep in mind that this device does require an internet connection.

4) Easy to Use

The main attraction of an android box is its usability. These devices can be plugged in anywhere, granting you access to favourite shows and TVs in minutes. These boxes are gaining attraction to many due to their simplicity in usability. For instance, users can upload common favourite add-ons such as Netflix to stream, have access to more content.

Android boxes are a game changer for many households looking for cheaper modes of entertainment. Based on the above four benefits, we can see why they are so popular with a growing number of consumers. If you’re interested in learning more about Android boxes or are in search of entertainment solutions, visit RTC Electronics today.

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