Ways to Make Event Check-in Delightful for Attendees

Ways to Make Event Check-in Delightful for Attendees

Worldwide Event industry is growing gradually. Now event is necessary for the business existence. Companies organize different type of events such as, new product launch event, company trade show, business meeting, company products training workshops, grand opening, for customer relationship etc. Company events are the reason for a direct approach to their customers and clients. Event industry also playsan important role in revenue generation. In 2015, $29.3 billion dollars earns worldwide by event industry as well as $30.3 billion dollars generated in 2016. Although, the number of profit income is increasing progressively. Event registration produces more than 50% of total revenue. Therefore registration is a very important factor in event and event becomes successful when attendees entered through the door.

Evolvement in technology overcomes into every field of life and playing a vital role in the revolutions of different fields. Use of technology with the business strategy in an effective way produces revenue for business organizations. Technology with business event has developed as a mainstream tool for many companies and on the other hand, technology keeps developing and gaining popularity. Through technology, attendee take part in the event from anywhere the world at any time.

Technology changed the shape of business process and trend. In the past, companies were facing many problems due to the lack of technology and better equipment rather than the modern world such as now companies using social media technology for the approach to their customers directly in very convenient way. Business events became a powerful and famous tool for company sales, products and brand identity also customer relationship. With the help of technology, a successful event is no more impossible. But remember one thing, for any type of event marketing, companies must need iPad’s for their event organizers team members. Because through iPad’s, tablets and other related electronic devices employees could easily communicate with their customers and event attendees,  can share information and updates about event. Therefore, the availability of iPad is essential factor in the event. Small business which can’t afford the iPad’s cost. Usually, they hire iPad’s from iPad Rental for events companies for short terms of the period at a very cheap price. Rental companies provide these iPad rental services for events such as business events, business meetings, product launch events and for training workshops etc. Through these rental services business organizations saves their extra expense and time.

Here are some cool tools for event registration:

  • Email Registration
  • Event Check-in software
  • Check in with social platform

Email Registration

In the modern era, marketing and registration of event with email is a dominant and famous tool. Take the list of emails from your last events or take personally and send them the notifications and registration form aboutthe event with different offers such as tickets discount for first 50 or 100 and the details of event sessions and organizers etc. The attendees will take an interest in your event and fill the registration form.

Check in with social platform

Event check in through social media platforms such as Facebook event page, Instagram event page and YouTube event channel is also a very famous and effective way. Approximately, 80% of world population use social media, through social media, company employees could easily connect with their customers and attendees directly. Therefore technology devices such as iPad’s, tablets are necessary for event organizers members. In London Generally, companies hire iPad on rent from iPad hire London companies. Therefore, companies which held their events in London, these business organizations save their extra expense and get the fruitful results from their events.

Event Check-in software

In the past, organizer used clipboard, paper and pen for check-in and registration procedure. When the large number of people came to the event, this process becomes stressful for attendees and also organizers.

But technology made it very easy and stress free. Now use the event check-in software with the event name. It is possible now. Software Developers which work in the company technology department could make it easy and stress-free. Through the event check-in software, attendee will feel safe and the company will earn the 50% trust of attendees during just check-in procedure.

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