5 Places That You Have to Visit in Ahmedabad

would make things a lot easier for someone who is not very used to travelling.

But make sure when you do visit Ahmadabad, you do see these 5 places:

  1. Sabarmati Ashram-TheSabarmati Ashram needs no introduction. It is located on the suburban side of Ahmadabad on the river banks of Sabarmati. It was a well-known residence of Gandhi ji. This is the same iconic ashram form where Gandhi ji led the infamous Dandi March, which is also popularly known as the Salt Satyagraha.
  2. Kankaria lake– this lake was formerly known as Hauj-e-Qutb but later was renamed to kankariaLake. It happens to be the second largest lake in Ahmedabad. Also, to attract much more tourists, a lakefront has been developed around it such as zoo, toy train, kid’s city, tethered balloon ride, water rides and waterpark and some more entertainment facilities which make this an absolute delight. It is wonderful place to picnic. The water rides are very refreshing and the food stalls are also available to give to some tasty snacks.
  3. AdlajStepwell– This Stepwellis located in the village called adlaj, very close to Ahmadabad. It was made by Rana Veer Singh of the Vaghela dynasty of DandaiDesh in the year 1498. It is 5 storied deep and shows a perfect example of the Indian architecture. Also, these wells are used for festivals and sacred rituals.
  4. JamaMasjid– the JamaMasjid or the Jama mosque is very well known throughout the country. The literal translation of Jamawould be Friday. It was built in the year 1424 during the reign of Ahmed shah the first. One would be surprised to know that the mosque was actually built for the private use of the sultans.
  5. NaginaWadi– NaginaWadiis a manmade island that is situated in the middle of the famous Kankaria Lake that can be reached via a concrete walkway. The beauty of the place is the gardens and the evening light show. It is truly a treat to the eyes.

So, these were a few of my top choices. Just look for good Ahmadabad hotels and you are all set to go. I hope you like these places just as much as I did.


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