All you should know about medical tests for Abu Dhabi visa

All you should know about medical tests for Abu Dhabi visa

To get your Abu Dhabi visa stamped on the passport, all applicants are liable to undergo medical fitness tests held in facilities and medical fitness centres owned by government. The procedure is mandatory for all applicants going for visa either for the first time or renewal of the existing visa for residency, education or employment.

Essential documents
          Copy of passport and visa
          Two photographs in white background
          A typed online form
          Original passport or valid Emirates ID to be shown at the clinic or medical facility
There are options to apply and pay online or you may do it the traditional way by visiting the dedicated centres. Read on to find more about medical test for Abu Dhabi visa.

Basics of the process
Upon your arrival at the medical facility dedicated for visa applicants, a blood test along with X-Ray of the chest is performed to detect possibility of any transmutable diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis respectively. It must be noted that any traces of scars of tuberculosis in the test results would reject the application and applicant won’t have the visa stamped.

Likewise, if reports of the HIV blood test come positive, applicant would be immediately deported in case already in Abu Dhabi. This scenario is specific to visa renewal application and if you’re at a doubt about suffering from any communicable disease, it’s always best having a detailed medical examination performed in the home country. Medical test for Abu Dhabi visa are performed for the following diseases;

          Hepatitis B
All those applying for residence visa applications must undergo tests for HIV, TB and Leprosy. If results come out positive, expect immediate deportation however, tuberculosis subjects are first treated.

Hepatitis B and Syphilis tests are mandatory for specific category of workers that include;
          Kindergarten supervisors
          Health club workers
          Barbers and beauticians
          Food handlers

Applicants suffering from Syphilis are treated and not deported at all. For all the categories listed above, HBV vaccination is compulsory. Applicants who previously failed the medical test due to positive Hepatitis may reapply for residence visa.

Female applicants working as domestic helpers, babysitter and drivers should have their pregnancy tests performed and if the results are positive, it’s on the employer to provide a letter of no objection prior to granting residence visa.

Once all tests have been performed, collect the receipts whereas reports can be collected three days later but you need to show the receipts.

Report of medical test for Abu Dhabi visa will be sent directly to the Immigration Department by the clinic electronically with applicant receiving a confirmation SMS from the medical facility. If the message says “Medically Fit”, applicant may proceed to the Immigration for Visa Stamping carrying the typed application.


Medical tests and visa stamping for new holders must be done within 60 days from the date of entry whereas for cases of renewal applications, it must be done 30 days ahead of expiry.

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