Best Place To Spot Flamingos Near Mumbai

Birdwatchers anywhere around the world almost always have a special connection with, and a special space in the heart for a certain bird, or certain kinds of birds. You can ask any birdwatcher and pat you’ll receive the answer.
Our piece of advice: keep a notebook or your phone, tab or iPad handy, for those names come in all combinations, styles and sizes, sometimes too weird to handle, we mean remember.
One of those passionate birdwatchers may mention or may have already mentioned Flamingos to you. Their fondness would likely explain these beauties to you, courtesy all the incredible adjectives they would use, and praises they would sing.
Our adjective for Flamingos is ‘phenomenal’, and words of praise, ‘nature’s marvelous creation, cuteness packed in flocks’.
Flamingos, the only bird there is in the order of Phoenicopteriformes, is a type of wading bird. Unscientifically though, Flamingos are S-necked, like stilt-legged, gorgeous birds having bright pink feathers.
There are six extant Flamingo species recognized to date, having four of these located in the new world that is South America, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Caribbean Islands, Caribbean Mexico, Venezuela, and Galapagos Islands. This new world has Chilean Flamingo, James Flamingo, Andean Flamingo and American Flamingo.
The old world, that contains parts of Africa, S. Europe, SW Asia, Africa and NW India, includes greater flamingo and Lesser Flamingo species.
Having said that, India hosts Lesser Flamingos out of all these six species, and hence has most numerous Flamingos. One of these places for spotting Flamingos in northwest India is Bhigwan.
This small town located on the border of Pune and Solapur in Maharashtra is a famous site for birdwatching in India and especially for spotting Flamingos near Mumbai. Ask any or many birdwatcher/s and spot the spark in their eyes.
What’s interesting to note here, in fact, is that we are not talking about just one or two or even tens of Flamingos in Bhigwan but hundreds of Flamingos. And not only flamingos but ducks, Egrets, Waders, Raptors, Gulls, Sandpipers, and Herons.
A birdwatchers paradise, Bhigwan is also a mind-blowing site to please the eyes. Its natural beauty comes from the greens of nature, and serene flow of water in Bhigwan lake, Pune.
At two hundred and fifty kilometers from Mumbai, and about a hundred kilometers from Pune, Bhigwan is a pleasant place to head to over the weekend.
For the folks in Mumbai, and even Pune, having a day trip to Bhigwan is a tiring task and not to forget the whole point here is about spotting Flamingos and not about spotting Bhigwan.
Considering that, and the fact that holiday travel and weekend escapades are for fun not haste or rush, we come to the conclusion that Bhigwan is best visited over a cool weekend getaway near Mumbai. And when we say weekend, we are certainly saying stay. And stay near Bhigwan is heavenly with Jakson Inns. This LEED Green Platinum Rated Hotel has luxurious mod facilities and amenities, perfect for adding luxe and spark to your weekend.
Imagine yourself waking up to the sounds of nature in your memory foam mattress, made initially for space travel comfort. Then walking down those salad gardens at Jakson Inns, perhaps plucking your favorite vegetables and having the chefs there prepare a salad for you while you sit and relax at Green Bean, Jakson Inns multi-cuisine restaurant.
Soon, you head out to Bhigwan after breakfast, enjoying tranquility and your favorite music during that one-hour drive. There as you reach Bhigwan, you explore the bird sanctuary, capturing mesmerizing shots with your camera and eye lenses, taking a boat ride down the lake, spotting more flocks of flamingos, and having one of the best weekends of your life.
Won’t that be an incredible experience knowing there’s your room at Jakson Inns to head to when tired, and the hotel’s swimming pool, recreation center and spa waiting to rejuvenate your senses and perhaps, those tired nerves?
On that note, au revoir.

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