Best Places for a House boat Stay in Kerala

The houseboat stay in Kerala is often considered to be one of the best experiences that the state has to offer. There are several places within this state that offer you a surreal houseboat stay experience. This stay includes spending some time, preferably one full night on a fully furnished boat while it moves around in the backwaters of Kerala.

You can find several local people who own their own houseboats and welcome tourists to take them on a ride for a small cost.


You can reach Alleppey from Cochin by road within 2 hours. The exquisite backwaters of Alleppey are the home to hundreds of different houseboats. The best time to visit Alleppey is during mid-August when the locals are celebrating Onam festival. The best way to spend your time here is by getting a massage on a houseboat stay and spending a night enjoying the dinner cooked by the locals.



Kollam is another one of the small towns in Kerala that is popular for hosting its own houseboat experience. The calm backwaters of Kollam are perfect for a romantic dinner beneath the stars on the houseboat. You can also find several popular tourist destinations spread across the town that you can visit for capturing some great pictures.


If you are enthusiastic about history and architecture, Kumarakom should be the first destination on your Kerala tour package list. The town is famous for clear backwaters surrounded by a lush green environment that makes for a perfect weather to chill. You can also find some exquisite varieties of flowers and animals in Kumarakom that will intrigue the botanist in your heart. While in Kumarakom, you must not forget to visit the famous bird sanctuary that is home to thousands of exotic birds.



The town of Kasaragod is away from all the city noise and offers a perfect environment for self-introspection. You can find several locals here who have an expertise in offering foot rubs and body massages to help increase the blood circulation in your body. The place is also considered to be miraculous since history suggests that several people suffering from paralysis have found a permanent cure here.

Staying on a houseboat during your trip to Kerala will add a unique memorable flavour to your trip. Your Kerala tour package must consist of at least one of these places.

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