It’s not Just Dilwallonki Dilli!

While growing up, we all learnt that Delhi is the capital of our nation. We saw the President, Prime Minister, and other Indian and foreign ministers give inspiring speeches to the whole world right from that city. We’ve heard about the mind-boggling parties and larger than life ways in which Delhiites celebrated even the smallest occasion! Birthday or shaadi, there is always something in our lives to celebrate! But Delhi is not all about fun and frolic. There are some other amazing things to do in Delhi too!

1.       Get a street food in Delhi guide and find the numerous food joints the city has to offer you; you name it, and you will find it! There are big and small places where mouth-watering savouries can be tasted and enjoyed to the fullest! Street food, lounges, or posh restaurants, the city has it all for you. All you need to do is decide what kind of flavours you want to indulge in, tell your street guide about it, and pack your bags to explore them!

2.       There are several historical monuments and places that the city has to offer. Narrow streets, old quilas, statues, pillars, buildings with memories – the city is filled with them. Apart from the wide array of government buildings that one can visit and be awed, such as the RashtrapatiBhavan, Parliament, Red Fort, India Gate, great museums, and more – they are all just waiting for you to be explored!

3.       Those who love shopping will be utterly thrilled with the interesting array of things that can be found in Delhi. There are various spots in the city where one can find haats, or stalls, of all Indian states where you can shop till you literally drop! If you want to include some exciting food to your day of shopping, then that can easily be arranged too! Most shopping sites have wonderful eateries or streets filled with food joints close to them! So, the next time you’re in Delhi and are famished because of the hours of shopping, just talk to your street food in Delhi guide and she/he’ll take you to the nearest hotspot to replenish your energy!

4.       The city is home to embassies of almost all the countries in the world! So naturally, there would be people from the entire world you can meet there too! If you are interested in making acquaintance with people from foreign lands and don’t have the means to travel, then there isn’t a better way for you to get to know such people, meet and interact with them, see how they think and live! 

5.       Delhi is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities so you can find people from all walks of life there. Connaught Place, one of the poshest parts of the city, is as famous as the Paranthagalli, you know!

No matter what kind of foodie you are, you will surely love Delhi because there is so much to explore in the city! Even the gallichaats are known to attract hundreds of regulars every day, so you can imagine how splendid the offerings of the restaurants will be! So, go explore Delhi, with all your dil!

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