Soak Your Weekends In Adventurous Treks

Karnataka is considered to be one of the most significant trekking spots in South India. The backdrop and landscape of the state houses lush green tropical forests, tiny hillocks, caves, Rocky Mountainsand supple rivers. All these factors together make an ideal trekking destination.

Amidst such instances, it is not really difficult to experience Trekking near Bangalore. The city has some of the most cherished trekking spots around it. Whether you are looking for some short getaways, weekend thrill or one day trekking experience, you can find many options in your pocket. Another significant thing is that these trekking destinations can also be visited in the presence of a professional crew so as to be surer about your safety. However, it is your choice to go with your friends or simply with an adventurous group.

Karighatta Trek

It is a wonderful trekking destination and it is dotted hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is a lively and apposite destination for traveling aficionados and trekking buffs. Karighatta hill is snuggled at an altitude of 2,697 feet. You will get thrill, adventure, fun and scenic beauty on this trek.

Binsar Sanctuary Trek

In case you are looking forward to have the first ever long farfetched trekking experience then you can start with an expert team. Just keep yourself vacant on Sunday the24th September 2017 from 9:00AM to 28 September 2017 10:00PM.  This trip is getting organized by Outdoers India.  This off-beat place for a perfect family vacation is going to make you feel refreshed and rich.  It is going to give you an easy, a scenic trek in the beautiful Himalayas.  The trek unrolls through the Binsar wildlife sanctuary in Kumaon in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a lovely option for anyone who is seeking thrill and natural charm. Though the trek is a simple one that any reasonably-fit individual can undertake, it allows you to taste the local culture and know about flora and fauna of lowerHimalayas besides relishing breathtaking vistas of snow-clad mountains. Indeed, snuggled in lower Himalayan region of Kumaon, the pristine forest sanctuary is a refuge for nature aficionados.

Dip into the extensiveness of Ramadevara Betta

Trekking track in Ramnagar is at a distance of nearly fifty kilometres. It is a premium trail for the individuals who love rappelling, trekking and rock climbing.  After reaching the base point, you will have to climb a set of 300 stairs.  Once you are beyond these stairs, you will see a temple.   The further climbing begins from there.  The trek to reach the top is full of beautiful sites and thrill. It might interest you too that the place is also Sholay destination. Of course, you know what Sholay is right?  So, just bag a lot of good memories, thrill and rejuvenation from this exciting trek.


So, there is no need to argue about the presence of trekking spots around Banglore. It is apparent that Banglore is surrounded with amazing trekking destinations. Just pop out of your boring day today life and you will see the variety you have right around you!

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