The Offbeat Things To Do In Vietnam

There always are touristy things you can do like a routine and return with the satisfaction that you have ‘’seen’’ the place and now you are a ‘’traveler’’. Just going through the touristy stuff is not seeing a place. Sure, the touristy stuff became touristy for a reason and you should not skip those but you should see the more untouched places too, do more local things and communicate and bond with locals to truly feel the place in your bones and travel for real. Vietnam has so many things that are unique from the rest of the world and great places to see besides the touristy stuff. Here is a Vietnam travel guide that is filled with off beaten tracks:

 The off beaten things to do and places to see in Vietnam:

1. Try out the coffee in local shops: Believe it or not Vietnam exports the largest amount of coffee in the world. And it is the same coffee they serve in the restaurants but that will cost you double than it would cost you in local places, and you see a more upclose sign of Vietnam when you visit this local places. So, go try a cup of coffee or more in a local café.

2.  The street food: The street food in Vietnam is clean, tasty and cheap. A full lunch involving rice and soup can be bought at just $3 or less. This is also another reason why Vietnam is a budget travel.

3. Dalat:  Also known as ‘city of eternal spring’ it is great escape. It is located in the central highlands at 1500 meters. This place was a playground for the French who made extravagant villas here to get away from the heat in Saigon. This is a little Paris in the high hills.

4. HauDoc: It is an exotic and romantic riverside village that borders Cambodia. You get riverboat service country lines across because the service recently started. A long bus ride is painfully long. You can instead take the scenic riverboat journeyfrom Vietnam to Phnom Penh. You can cruise in just a few hours up Mekong. Spend a day at least in Chau Doc before you set off to Phnom Penh to see the splendor and nature at its best.

5. PhuQuoc Island: It is no longer the secret it was a few years ago but there still is enough of isolated white sand on this largest Vietnameseisland. Get here before it becomes the big tourist destination. It is one of the pricier places but you can still find affordable accommodation on the beachfront.
 I hope this Vietnam travel guide including the off beaten things to do and places to see was helpful.

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