Three off-the-road getaways from Hyderabad

Hosting a plethora of old and new tourist attractions, Hyderabad is without doubt one of the best places to visit in south India. Indeed, Hyderabad holidays are fun, interesting, inclusive, and joyous. Addition to that, there also exist some amazing destinations in proximity to the city, visiting which is an experience of a lifetime.

Hyderabad is a large centre of tourism in south India, and as per the expectations it delivers a wonderful holiday experience. The City of Pearls, as it is often touted, Hyderabad has a 400 year old golden history and evidently, it is full of multiple remnants and citadels from the by-gone era. While the monuments like Charminar, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Chowmahalla Palace, Golconda Fort, Toli Masjid as well as the different gardens and lakes continue to bewitch the backpackers and lure them into visiting the city, the glitz and glamour of modernity simply keep one interested in the city for the whole time. It doesn’t take much time for one to fall in love with the city and if you are falling short of reasons, go ahead, ask the locals why they love the city, they’ll give you plenty of reasons. From a wide array of sumptuous ethnic food to a deeply rooted culture that gives modernity as well as traditions and ethnic morale equal significance, from the salubrious climate to a large array of perfect weekend getaways, everything about the city is exciting. Visiting the main sightseeing spots while you are touring the city is conventional to all backpackers. However, it is also ideal to take a pause and visit the nearby getaways that provide a tranquil and refreshing break from the general practice that the travelers follow during their tour of the city. Given below are some wonderful getaways visiting which has to be in your list of things to do.

Srisailam – A pilgrimage that is distinctively noted for being one of the sites of 12 Jyotirlinga in India, Srisailam is an ideal escape for those who wish for a quick break into the lap of Mother Nature and amidst spirituality. Catch a Hyderabad to Srisailam taxi, the distance is about 212 k.m. The place is very tranquil and carries a certain charm of spirituality and solitude. While you are here, don’t forget to take a dip in Patalganga River and lean against Lord Mallikarjuna in the famous Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple. Besides, in proximity to the town there also exists the Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which is highly popular amongst nature-buffs and adventurers.

Ongole – A small beach town and still hidden from a majority of holiday-goers, Ongole is a must-visit for individuals, who seek a relaxing break in a quaint coastal village. An old town that dates as old as 3rd century and a melting pot of cultures, Ongole hosts an array of ancient temples that are highly revered around the region. Plus, there are some stunning beaches that are simply fascinating.

Kurnool – If the rustic charm of old days, tranquility, a simple and easy-going way of life, greenery in abundance, etc. entice you Kurnool is the place to be at. Located about 210 k.m. from Hyderabad, it is a small township in Andhra Pradesh. The place is still not crowded with tourists and abides in the midst of serenity. Major highlights to lookout for include: Konda Reddy Fort, Jagannatha Hill, RajaVihar Center, Shirdisai baba temple, and Ayyappa Swamy Temple. Indeed an ideal place to relish an undisturbed vacation!

So, that concludes the list of three interesting getaways from Hyderabad. The fact that Hyderabad is surrounded by different interesting places generates a huge interest amongst the travelers towards the city. With frequent flights from different cities, say Mumbai to Hyderabad flights, to serve the purpose, accessing the city is an easy task. Book the flight tickets well in advance, pack the backpacks, and get going to the city.  

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