Top 6 Destinations of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a beautiful and charismatic hill station snuggled at a distance of 34 kilometres from Dehradun. The hill station is also known as the ‘queen of the hills’. Whether you talk about mesmerising sites, outstanding aura or spiritual destinations, the hill station has everything.
Just look for 3 star hotels in Mussoorie and do your booking for a satisfying trip. The hill station will definitely make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. As of now, you can have a look at top 6 destinations of this hill station.

  1. Gun Hill:

The outstanding cable car ride in Mussoorie is another chief attraction that draws a huge number of tourists. It is just a ten-minute ride that begins from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill. Visitors can enjoy incredible views of the mountains and plush meadows of Doon Valley up this hill during ropeway ride. The sunset sites from cars are particularly spectacular while you are riding cable car. You can have a gorgeous experience of ten minutes in the middle of spectacular sites, gorgeous views and lush green environs.

  1. Jharipani Falls:

DO you love nature to the core? If yes then it is the ideal place for you. It is located quite near to Mussoorie and has splendid sites and enticing aura. The trekkers make the most of the setting scattered around these waterfalls because of its striking scenery.

  1. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba in Mussoorie is the highest peak in whole surroundings. It provides outstanding and engaging views of snow-cloaked Himalayan range in all its finery. A Japanese telescope has been installed at this spot for the convenience of tourists. Through this telescope, you can relish the pristine          beauty of this area. The specific mountain range is also famous to have extremely popular pilgrimages of Badrinath and Kedarnath.

  1. K Dev Bonomi Wax Museum:

It is the Indian version of Tussauds. It is a beautiful wax museum situated in Company Garden and is in middle of the well-known tourist spots in Mussoorie. The museum has wax statues of some of the most prominent nationals as well as international celebs such as Leonardo di Caprio and Angelina Jolie.

  1. Jwalaji Temple

The temple is located at a distance of nine kilometres west from Mussoorie. The temple is at a height of around 2,240 meters above sea level. The spot enshrines an Eras old idol of the Hindu divinity Deity Durga who is the essence of sublime beauty and deadly strength in Hindu mythology.

  1. Bhatta Falls

These falls are mapped seven kilometres from this hill station. It is a picturesque space, detached from worries and miseries of commercialization. At present, the whole spot has developed into a stunning picnic spot. At this place, local people and tourists love to relish some quality moments. Moreover, these falls have an ideal backdrop for photo buffs. So, in case you love traveling and has a special corner for photography, you cannot skip this spot.
Thus, book the best place to stay in Mussoorie and enjoy a thrilling and refreshing holiday in this hill station.

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