Where All To Go In Chandigarh In A Time Crunch Of 24 Hours?

Whether you’re going to Chandigarh for a conference or stopping over in the midst of a journey to one of the beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, or had to unwillingly drag along your family or friends for a boring wedding, then there are numerous things to do and a lot of places to see in the city. In a time span of 24 hours in Chandigarh, you can dig in some delectable culinary delight or head to a sassy pub for a drink or two, or tour the beautiful city to get acquainted with the lustrous and splendid side of this city.
Make use of this short suggestive manual to dig into Chandigarh’s compositional showstoppers, endless open parks, and awesome shopping experiences, that make it special. Being pretty close to Ambala, an Ambala to Chandigarh taxi is the ideal way to reach here and actually, on weekends you can see a lot of taxis operating on this very route.
Backpacker’s Cafe 
The most well known place in Chandigarh for a heavenly breakfast, Backpackers is a quirky place that is flooded with patrons 24 x 7. From its coffee coupled with pastry to smoothies and from offbeat sandwiches to pizzas, it’s all here and it’s all extraordinarily yummy. More than the food, the who ambience and setup of this cafe is very lively. There are antiquated rarities that propose travel, travel brochures to flip through as you sit in solicitation for some relaxing time and the city’s most happening crowd at Backpacker’s which makes it an ideal hangout spot in Chandigarh. 
Capitol Complex 
Le Corbusier envisioned Chandigarh as a living, breathing being with the differing centers identifying with and filling in as its body parts. Within this, the Capitol was and is the city’s head, with the Shivalik ranges in the north. It has the High Court, the Legislative Assembly, and the Secretariat. The structures have been arranged and executed with many-sided points of interest and shows Corbusier’s commendable ability in designing and architecture. You can see his creativity magnificently fit into the colossal yet rich bends of the structures here.
Sector 17 
With the city’s most upmarket and premium hotels and trendiest restaurants around, the Sector 17 Market in Chandigarh is a mind-boggling cocktail of high-end stores and pretty, immaculate neighborhood boutiques. To keep the foodie in you satisfied, this marketplace also houses a host of restaurants and local eateries. Drooling already?
Sukhna Lake 
An artificial lake, this water body is a standard vacationer spot in Chandigarh, where you can go paddling or simply spend hours admiring the stunning views while strolling around its promenade. Families with kids are guaranteed to have a gala time here in the enveloping play territory and pretty gardens around. The lake furthermore attracts some migratory birds, for instance, Siberian cranes and storks in the midst of the winter season.
Hops n Grains 

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These are some of the options that you can blindly go for to spend the next 24 hours in Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh. There are infinite alternatives that you can explore while in the city, and without a doubt, these will leave you with a wide grin on your face. Once done, book a Chandigarh to Ambala taxi and take back home some delightful memories of the spare time that could otherwise have got totally wasted.

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