Bestseller L’OréalProfessionel Shampoos

Tired of frequent salon visits? And sick of bad hair days?
Lessen your salon appointments and make every single day as your best hair day with the finest quality hair products from L’Oreal Professionel. A wide range of tested and approved hair care products have been offered for over a century now, by one of the global leaders in the hairdressing industry that is Loreal Professionel Shampoo. It has constantly been striving to maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of product performance and fulfilment of consumers’ needs and expectations. A number of bestselling shampoos have been discussed here to get an overview and understanding of how these professional formulas work.

  • ANTI-BREAKAGE SHAMPOO: It is a strengthening shampoo that controls hair breakage and work as an anti-breakage agent. It is composed for normal to fragile hair type. It’s a reinforcer as its formula is infused with Biotin and Vitamin B6 that instantly helps in reduction of hair breakage. If used on a continuous basis, hair gets more resistant and stronger.


  • SILICONE-FREE NOURISHING SHAMPOO: This formula is made for normal to dry hair type. It provides nourishment to the hair. It contains glycerol and coconut oil. Its professional formula make hair look more supple and softer. It should be applied on wet hair and after proper lathering, should be rinsed thoroughly. If used with Nutrifier Conditioner, better results would be obtained.


  • RE-CREATE SHAMPOO: This is a special formula designed for thinned and damaged hair. It’s Pro-Fiber and Re-Create formula helps n thickening and strengthening of hair. This formula make the hair look shinier and thicker. Its effects are long-lasting in nature.


  • OIL SHAMPOO FINE HAIR: This formula has been created following the traditions of ancient Egyptians of oil layering. Ginger oil along with osmanthus extract has been infused in the formula that cleanses and revitalize the hair giving it a smoother and healthier look. It also makes hair look bouncy and fully nourished.


  • OIL SHAMPOO THICK HAIR: This formula has been inspired by Indian oil bathing tradition that gives hair discipline and shine. This formula is demagogically tested and is Paraben free. It contains argan oil and myrrh extract. It gently cleanses the hair providing a soft touch to the hair.


  • RECOVER SHAMPOO: This formula has specially been created for using after getting a Pro-Fiber Recover treatment in salon. It recovers hair from any damage. It helps in reactivating the treatment received in salon to give soft, shiny and clean look.


  • REVIVE SHAMPOO: This formula is also designed for using after getting a Pro-Fiber in-salon treatment to revive and reactivate the salon treatment. But this is designed for slightly damaged hair. Its usage gives you healthier and shinier looking hair afterwards.


  • VITAMINO COLOR A-OX: This formula is specially designed for gently cleansing colour-treated hair. It helps in prolonging colour radiance. Using this shampoo, coloured hair shines more vibrantly as this formula is enriched with UV filters and anti-oxidant complex.

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